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Download Outline for Mobile and Desktop

Download the Outline Client app from either the App store or Google Play store, and connect using your unique access key. The Client app is available for desktop and mobile devices, so you can access the open internet and communicate privately wherever you are and from all of your devices.


v 1.10.0


v 1.10.0


v 1.10.0


v 1.10.0


v 1.10.0

Chrome OS

v 1.10.0

Get Latest Free Access Keys on Telegram Channel

We have made it possible so that all users can access our free servers around the world through the Telegram channel if the website is not accessible.

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Connect to Outline with Free Access Key

You need an access key to use Outline. The Outline community provides you with various access keys. Free access keys are created by volunteers around the world and are of relatively acceptable quality and speed.

United States

101 Access key

United Kingdom

79 Access key


87 Access key


89 Access key


79 Access key

Contact the Outline Network Team

Messages related to access key requests will not be answered. Go to access keys page to see the list of latest access keys. The Outline Network is run by a team of volunteers from around the world. Outline Network is not responsible for product development and ownership.
Go to support.getoutline.org for contact the development team and product owner.